Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

METROLOGYBASE offers wide range of portable Heavy Duty Metrology Stands for all types metrology instruments.

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

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METROLOGYBASE has designed rigid and  stable Heavy Duty Metrology Stands to meet all of your metrology needs. These heavy duty metrology stands satisfy your needs when stability, sturdiness, durability and weight are of primary importance. Heavy Duty Metrology Stands are available in a number of standard configurations.

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

Fixed Height

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

Adjustable Height

Why METROLOGYBASE Heavy Duty Stands?

METROLOGYBASE Portable Heavy Duty Stands have been desingned for all types of metrology instruments.

  • Extraordinary sturdiness and rigidity
  • Rugged construction
  • Extended bearing surface for tripod bolts
  • Adjustable bolts 
  • Next-generation seal technology
  • Reinforced backbone
  • Accessorie flange


The bases of the stands are heavy steel for strength and stability. Stands have seamless steel main tubes. Adjustable models have hard chrome plated intermediate tubes. All stands have hallow type tubes. Stands rest on three adjustable trivets when they are in use.

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands


Heavy Duty Portable Metrology Stands can be used with any product having an internal 3½”-8 thread.

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

Smooth Adjustment

Adjustable Stands have pinion gears to raise and lower the intermediate tube by using handles smoothly. 

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

Spring Loaded Lock

Adjustable Heavy Duty Stands have spring loaded ratchet pawl on gear rack. It helps to avoid sudden drops. 

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

Anti-Free Fall Mechanism

Adjustable Heavy Duty Stands have air check mechanism. It prevents sudden descent of the metrology instrument if both ratchet pawl and column lock are released at the same time.

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

Foot Pedal

METROLOGYBASE Heavy Duty Stands have foot pedal for rising and lowering casters. Foot pedal has locking system to eliminate pedal slippage when moving across floor.

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

Drop-Down Casters

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands have three casters. Casters with rubber tires are used for transportation of stands with or without metrology instrument. They are engaged and released by a foot pedal.

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

Double Column Lock

METROLOGYBASE Adjustable Heavy Duty Stands have double lock for intermediate column (tube). Double column lock provides more safety under heavy loads.

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

Accessory Mount

METROLOGYBASE Heavy Duty Stands have flange for mounting accessories. *Laptop Arm and other specific accessories or plates can be mounted on that base. (*Accessory)

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

Easy Disassembly

Main colum of the Heavy Duty Metrology Stands can be assembled and disassembled easily for carrying and shipping purposes.

Heavy Duty Metrology Stands

Technical Specifications

Product Number Fixed/Adjustable Height Weight Load Capacity
MB-HDS-F10" Fixed 10" 45 Kg 120 Kg
MB-HDS-F20" Fixed 20" 57 Kg 120 Kg
MB-HDS-F27" Fixed 27" 62 Kg 120 Kg
MB-HDS-F32" Fixed 32" 68 Kg 120 Kg
MB-HDS-20"-25" Adjustable 20"-25" 68 Kg 70 Kg
MB-HDS-28"-42" Adjustable 28"-42" 72 Kg 70 Kg
MB-HDS-36"-54" Adjustable 36"-54" 81 Kg 70 Kg
MB-HDS-43"-67" Adjustable 43"-67" 85 Kg 70 Kg

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