Heavy Duty Tripods
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for Portable CMMs
Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

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Tripod provides a robust stable platform on which payloads with compatible tripod interfaces can be quickly and easily mounted. Using METROLOGYBASE Portable Heavy Duty Tripods improve your flexibility at measurement area. METROLOGYBASE has designed these portable heavy duty metrology tripods for functionality, portability and repeatable measurement. Portable Heavy Duty Tripods are available in a number of standard configurations.

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Short Fixed

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Tall Fixed

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Short Adjustable

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Tall Adjustable

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods


Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Carbon Fiber

Why METROLOGYBASE heavy duty tripods?

METROLOGYBASE Portable Heavy Duty Tripods have been designed for Portable CMMs. Portable Heavy Duty Tripods are ideal where portability and high stiffness is of primary importance for precision metrology equipment. 

  • Extraordinary sturdiness and rigidity
  • Rugged construction
  • Ideal indoor and outdoor use
  • Adjustable pads on each leg
  • •Point type stainless steel feet are also available for outdoor use


All parts are 100% CNC MACHINED from solid block materials (No casting). Made from high strength 6061 T6 series aircraft grade aluminum and corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods


Heavy Duty Portable Metrology Tripods can be used with any product having an internal 3½”-8 thread.

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Easy Lock

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Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Spirit Level

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods comes with spirit level. You can make horizontal leveling of your tripod easily with spirit level.

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Short or Tall

Heavy Duty Tripods are available in a short or tall version. The double upper leg section and the adjustable instrument column of the tall version are longer.

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Fixed or Adjustable

Fixed tripod’s adapter is mounted directly to the top of the stand. Adjustable model has hand wheel driven worm gear column for up and down adjustment of the equipment. It enables vertical adjustment of instrument easily.

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Aluminum or Carbon Fiber

Double upper legs can be aluminum or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber legs option have lower  weight and give thermal stability advantage. 

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Interchangeable Feet

Pad feet are standart on heavy duty portable metrology tripods. They have thin rubber pad on bottom and work well on smooth surfaces. *Point type stainless steel feet are also available for uneven surfaces. They are easily interchangeable. (*Accessory)

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods


*Wheels can be mounted to the lower legs of the heavy duty portable metrology tripods. They enable easy transportation of tripod and insturument on smooth surfaces.(*Accessories)

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Horizontal Leveling

You can easily make horizontal fine leveling up to 10º with *3 Way Leveling Head. It allows correcting horizontal plan without acting on the legs height and without compromise for torsional rigidity. (*Accessories)

Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods

Technical Specifications

Product Number Short/Tall Fixed/Adjustable Upper Legs Min. Height Max. Height Weight Load Capacity
MB-HDT-SF-AL Short Fixed Aluminum 628 mm 988 mm 16 Kg 80 Kg
MB-HDT-TF-AL Tall Fixed Aluminum 926 mm 1288 mm 19.2 Kg 80 Kg
MB-HDT-SF-CF Short Fixed Carbon Fiber 628 mm 988 mm 14 Kg 80 Kg
MB-HDT-TF-CF Tall Fixed Carbon Fiber 926 mm 1288 mm 17 Kg 80 Kg
MB-HDT-SA-AL Short Adjustable Aluminum 739 mm 1395 mm 19.8 Kg 50 Kg
MB-HDT-TA-AL Tall Adjustable Aluminum 1080 mm 1698 mm 23 Kg 50 Kg
MB-HDT-SA-CF Short Adjustable Carbon Fiber 739 mm 1395 mm 18 Kg 50 Kg
MB-HDT-TA-CF Tall Adjustable Carbon Fiber 1080 mm 1698 mm 21 Kg 50 Kg

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