Metrology Fixture Tables

METROLOGYBASE offers Fixture Tables for Portable, Gantry & Horizontal CMMs.

Metrology Fixture Tables

Fixture Tables

METROLOGYBASE Fixture Tables are ideal for portable CMMs. Their construction gives flexibility to mount CMM and parts. Their rigid construction gives ability to stand under extra heavy parts. You can also use our fixture tables with Gantry and Horizontal CMMs.


​• Aluminum plate

​• Hard anodized surface finish

​• Scratch resistant

​• Alphanumeric grid pattern

​• M6 or M8 thread options

​• Ultra rigid and stable

​• Leveling feet for portability


METROLOGYBASE Fixture Tables are made from aluminum extrusion frame and cast aluminum plate. Rigid construction allows measuring heavy parts on table.

Metrology Fixture Tables


With Metrology Fixture Tables having M6 or M8 mounting threads, you can mount your Portable CMM and inspection part anywhere you want on surface. M6 tables have 25 mm spacing, M8 tables have 30 mm spacing for more flexible setups.



METROLOGYBASE Fixture Tables have leveling feet. You can transport your table easily with using wheels. Using feet knob, you can easily level and fix your table in your inspection area.

Metrology Fixture Tables

Custom Tables

METROLOGYBASE offers customized Fixture Table solutions. You can add additional features to your table such as drawers, shelves and laptop brackets. Please fill the Custom Metrology Fixture Table Request Form and send us.

Metrology Fixture Tables

Technical Specifications

Product Number Thread Height Width Depth Hole Spacing
MB-MFT-1200900-25-M6 M6 900 mm 1200 mm 900 mm 25 mm
MB-MFT-1500900-25-M6 M6 900 mm 1500 mm 900 mm 25 mm
MB-MFT-18001200-25-M6 M6 900 mm 1800 mm 1200 mm 25 mm
MB-MFT-1200900-30-M8 M8 900 mm 1200 mm 900 mm 30 mm
MB-MFT-1500900-30-M8 M8 900 mm 1500 mm 900 mm 30 mm
MB-MFT-18001200-30-M8 M8 900 mm 1800 mm 1200 mm 30 mm