Mounting Plates

METROLOGYBASE offers two different model of Mounting Plates for Portable CMMs.

Mounting Plates

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METROLOGYBASE produces these Mounting Plates for CMMs on non-magnetic surfaces. Mounting Plates are available in four standard configurations.

Mounting Plates

Mounting Plate 1

Mounting Plates

Mounting Plate 2

Magnetic Bases/Mounting Plates

Adapter 1

Magnetic Bases/Mounting Plates

Adapter 2

METROLOGYBASE Mounting Plates have been designed for Portable CMMs and Laser Trackers. Mounting Plates are ideal where you want to make measurements on non-magnetic surfaces. ​


All parts are 100% CNC MACHINED from solid block materials (No casting). Made from high strength 6061 T6 series aircraft grade aluminum and corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Mounting Plates


Mounting Plates can be used with any product having an internal 3½”-8 thread.

Magnetic Bases/Mounting Plates

Mounting Plate 1 or 2

Choose one of our Mounting Plates. Dimensions are at METROLOGYBASE Mounting Plates Technical Specifications.

Mounting Plates

Adapter 1 or 2

Adapters are available in 2 versions. 1* has high inner ring that help centering the metrology instrument when mounting. 2 does not have inner centering ring. 

*Some metrology instruments does not support adapter 1

ozellik Magnetic Bases

Technical Specifications

Product Number Base Plate Adapter Weight Ring
MB-MP-01-A1 1 1 2.45 Kg 3½”-8 Thread
MB-MP-01-A2 1 2 2.41 Kg 3½”-8 Thread
MB-MP-02-A1 2 1 2.98 Kg 3½”-8 Thread
MB-MP-02-A2 2 2 2.45 Kg 3½”-8 Thread